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Innovation & Competence Center for Powertrain Solutions, Independent Energy Supply Systems and Off-Road Service Strategies.

What we do is what we cope with.
And in this we excel.

As a system specialist, we develop and provide solutions for linking the sectors „energy, transportation and industry“ on the basis of emission-free battery and fuel cell technology as well as on state-of-the-art diesel engine technology.

We see ourselves as an innovative competence center for turnkey systems for emission-free energy supply (decentralized power & heat generator sets) as well as for off-road powertrain solutions (engines, batteries and fuel cells).

With our international aftersales organization, we are also available to our customers as a service provider for the realization of their customer- and product-specific circular economy strategies.


Part of something special

Cooperation, knowledge transfer and the pooling of strengths and competencies are indispensable for a successful energy transition and for a targeted linking of the sectors „energy, transportation & industry“.

In order to take into account its responsibility to protect the climate, secure infrastructures, support people and create jobs in a sustainable & profitable company, CBC has established a network of investments and partnerships around energy supply systems, powertrain solutions, circular economy and R+D.

R+D Projects

Draft Eco-FCGen

Receiver of funds

Project duration

01.01.2022 until 31.12.2024


Hydrogen/Fuel cell

Priority & focus

Pilot project & prototyping in a foreign target country

Target countries

India and Germany


Dipl.-Ing. Norbert Schuchert
CBC GmbH & Co.KG
Marie-Curie-Straße 1
49076 Osnabrück, Germany
+49 15172896548

Eco-FCGen - Fuel cell based decentralized power generator (16EXI5538A)

During the course of the project, we will be developing a decentralized GeneratorSet on the basis of PEM Fuel Cell technology (Proton Exchange Membrane) with an electric power range of 50-60 kW. Inhouse testing will be followed by an endurance test over a period of 1,500 hrs. Finally, and on the basis of a thorough analysis of the test results, we will derive guidances for design and service of the FCGenSets.

Total costs are estimated at EUR 1.97 Mio. over a period of 36 months, commencing on the 1st January 2022. Based on a resolution of the German Bundestag, we have been granted subsidies amounting to EUR 1.66 Mio. by the “Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz, Nukleare Sicherheit und Verbraucherschutz” (BMUV) as well as the Export Initiative Environmental Protection (EXI).

CBC performs the testing in Germany in cooperation together with certain other partners. With regards to India, a consortium of local partners will be established in order to carry out test rounds, organized namely by the Fraunhofer-Institut IPA in cooperation with the Indian Fraunhofer outlet as well as the AHK (“Außenhandelskammer”) India. In the short run, a search is being conducted in order to identify a local partner and venue which meets the requirements for a safe, secure and sustainable operation. After finalizing this project, the objective of follow up actions is to establish a competence center for decentralized fuel cell-based power generation in India and to create a basis for zero-emission power supply for construction sites, schools, water supply and farming sites. The final goal of this project will be a scalable fuel cell based GenSet prototype ready to serve as back up, emergency or mobile plug-in power system and therefore provide emission-free, self-sustaining electrical energy where a reliable power grid is missing.

Role of CBC

As the initiator of the “Eco-FCGen”-project, CBC has obtained the overall responsibility to lead the endeavours of the entire team comprising of

  • Universität Bayreuth UBT (specialits for circular economy),
  • Fraunhofer-Institut für Produktionstechnik und Automatisierung IPA, Stuttgart (specialists for fuel cell and battery technology),
  • CBC GmbH & Co.KG (specialists for power train solutions and application engineering).

CBC´s role within the Eco-FCGen project is to analyse the qualification and usability of the fuel cell technology as an energy source for power generation in a decentralized remote genset application. Hence, CBC will be responsible for the identification and selection of the suitable fuel cell system, the development and construction design of the powertrain, the integration engineering of the powerpack into the genset and finally, the carrying out and evaluation of the endurance tests in Europe and India.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Carsten Bücker
Founder, Owner & CEO

Professional career:

  • Study of Mechanical Engineering @ RWTH Aachen University
  • Scientific Assistant @ Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology, IPT Aachen
  • Associate Professor for “Service Engineering & Circular Economy” @ Chair of “Environmentally Friendly Production Technology”, University of Bayreuth
  • Founder & President/CEO:
    • CBC GmbH & Co.KG
    • BU Power Group GmbH
    • 33 Green Energy GmbH

Dipl.-Ing. Norbert Schuchert

Professional career:

  • Study of Mechanical Engineering @ Fachhochschule Darmstadt
  • Quality Control Coordinator Europe @ Honda Motor Europe, London, UK
  • Managing Director @ Perkins Motoren GmbH
  • Director Europe for Engines & Spare Parts @ Perkins & Caterpillar
  • Managing Director @ YC Europe GmbH
  • Partner „Hydrogen Production & Infrastructure“ @ “Ingenieurbüro Koch GmbH”
  • Chief Technical Officer (CTO) @ CBC GmbH & Co. KG